Small Shop Series – Baby And Toddler Bonnets By Adelaide & Co.

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I just realized that Christmas is in less than 2 months! Yikes! (I’m sorry for anyone who is in denial, but inevitably, the season will be upon us before we know it!)

I don’t know about you but one of the best and worst part of the holiday season is choosing what to give my family and friends. I personally LOVE the traditions and family time that saturate the holidays, yet the downside is the pressure to find (and pay for) all of the gifts!

In my mind, a “perfect” gift is both unique and personal. I often struggle to find this sort of thing from large department stores and have had better luck purchasing from small businesses. Do you find this to be true too?

As I was considering this annual dilemma, I had a great idea… Enter: my new Shop Small Series! Over the next few weeks, these weekly posts will review several hand-picked small businesses. Also, in late-November/early-December, I will publish a final post that will double as a Small Shop Gift Guide for YOU! In this guide, I will list the small shops that I have worked with and feel that I can support 100%. I know that I am not the only one who loves to “shop small,” but ends up frustrated when sifting through all of the choices on Etsy!

This Shop Small Series is all about supporting small businesses this holiday season (or really, anytime during the year)! Adelaide & Co. creates handmade baby and toddler bonnets. I am so excited to share this review of their amazing products! #shopsmall #smallbusiness #babybonnet #holidaygifts

This post is one of a small number of hand-selected sponsored posts. I hope you can believe me when I say that I will only ever suggest products or companies that I believe in 100%! In fact, in order to stay as authentic as possible, I have (and will continue) to filter offers based off of their relevance to me (AND you!) Occasionally, I may receive a free item in exchange for a honest review. Every option is mine and is not influenced by the company or free product. (Read more here.)

To kick off this fun series, I want to introduce you to Adelaide & Co. Just a few days ago, I received a gorgeous bonnet for my daughter from this shop. Adelaide & Co. creates a mixture of modern and vintage bonnets for infants, babies, and toddlers! You guys… ALL THE HEART EYES!


Living in Florida, I never thought I would dress my children in bonnets. You see, Floridian babies tend to grow up barefooted, bareheaded, and otherwise naked (except for a diaper…) 9 months out of the year! It is just too hot for anything else! But as I would mindlessly scroll through my Instagram feed, I would always secretly swoon over the photos of bonnet-clad children! How adorable!

When I found Cassandra’s shop, I thought, what the heck? Why shouldn’t my kiddos have adorable accessories too? (My son’s current aversion to anything on his head is completely besides the point! Ha!) I was so excited (and honored!) that she wanted to collaborate with me. I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you that her creations define PERFECTION!


But before I get ahead of myself, I want to share a bit about Adelaide & Co. This little shop began when Cassandra and her Grandmother – Flora Adelaide – began creating and selling these bonnets to enable Cassandra to stay home with her new daughter Adelaide Grace. How precious is that? Little Adelaide was named after her sweet grandmother, and their Etsy store also shares their name. They are absolutely committed to producing perfect products that are handmade and crafted with care and love! (And I absolutely see this in the details of our bonnet!)

Adelaide & Co. produces a variety of styles using gorgeous patterns and materials in each bonnet. They even provide the option to customize a reversible style! In addition to creating these gorgeous accessories, they also make crib sheets (and the patterns they have chosen for those are adorable!)

Just recently, Cassandra released her Winter Collection! Oh how I wish I lived in a cooler weather state so that I could justify a fleece-lined bonnet! I highly suggest that you visit her Etsy store and snatch one up while you can! (Um, hello holiday photos!) These would also make lovely gifts for all of the children in your life! I don’t think anyone really “needs” more toys this year – just ask any mom…

toddler with baby bonnet

So what are my personal thoughts on our bonnet?

Well, my Little B simply loves hers and she ESPECIALLY loves the extra attention she gets when wearing it! Honestly, no one can pass her without smiling or commenting on her adorableness! The quality is superb, and this will absolutely be an heirloom piece for our family! I also appreciate that it is a larger size and will continue to fit her as she grows. (We picked out the 24-36mo size.) I highly recommend this shop to anyone in the market for a handmade bonnet!


Now, without further ado (and if I haven’t convinced you already,) Cassandra has kindly given me a coupon code for all of you! To get 10% off of your purchase, enter LOVELYTHINGS at the checkout page! That’s it! Also, be sure to give her a follow (especially on Instagram!) to hear about new collections and releases! ♥

Adelaide & Co.





toddler with baby bonnet

Do you dress your children up with cute accessories? I am just starting to, and I’m kinda in love with the concept! Tell me some of your favorite accessories below!

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