Small Shop Series – Newborn Illustrations By The Birth Poster

Has your week already been crazy? It’s amazing how the holidays can sneak up on us. I’m personally so excited for tomorrow! I’m not hosting but will still be preparing lots of mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and several apple pies. The grocery store was *kinda* crazy today! In all of the busyness, I am trying to find time to still myself and actually be thankful. God is good. He really is. I’d love to hear how you personally balance this.

I’m publishing this post a day early, because I know that you (and I!) will be too busy to focus tomorrow. Now that the holidays are basically upon us, the timeliness of this series is fantastic! Saturday is the traditional Shop Small Day and I hope that this series helps you to narrow down you options just a little bit. Be sure to follow along on social media (Instagram + Facebook) where I will create a quick guide to use for Black Friday – Cyber Monday shopping!

This Shop Small Series was created to help you (and me!) easily cross off our Christmas shopping list. Over the next few weeks, these weekly posts will review several hand-picked small businesses that I recommend for holiday gifts. It’s really a perfect combo to find Christmas gifts AND support small businesses (and therefore other families!)

Also, in early-December, I will publish a final post that will double as a Small Shop Gift Guide for YOU! In this guide, I will list the small shops that I have worked with and feel that I can support 100%. I know that I am not the only one who loves to “shop small,” but often ends up frustrated when sifting through all of the choices on Etsy!

This Shop Small Series is all about supporting small businesses this holiday season (or really, anytime during the year)! The Birth Poster creates unique illustrations of your newborn and is a great gift! I am so excited to share this review of their amazing work! #shopsmall #smallbusiness #TheBirthPoster #holidaygifts


This post is one of a small number of hand-selected sponsored posts. I hope you can believe me when I say that I will only ever suggest products or companies that I believe in 100%! In fact, in order to stay as authentic as possible, I have (and will continue) to filter offers based off of their relevance to me (AND you!) Occasionally, I may receive a free item in exchange for a honest review. Every option is mine and is not influenced by the company or free product. (Read more here.)

Today, I am STILL pinching myself that I was able to collaborate with The Birth Poster! When I decided to write this series, I reached out to many different shops. Some were very small and some were larger. I honestly NEVER expected some of these “established” businesses to even respond – let alone choose to partner with me. The Birth Poster was one of these companies. It has been such a pleasure to work with them!

birth poster of newborn


Please note that for the sake of my daughter’s privacy, I have edited all of her personalized information out of these photos. If you would like to see what a birth poster looks like with the customized text, please refer to their website here. Thanks for understanding! ♥

I have always admired these birth posters in my Instagram feed. I think it is the minimalism that I like. The crispness and simplicity of the illustration just gets me. I have many warmer color tones in my home, yet I’m always drawn to light and bright spaces. Unfortunately, lighter colors don’t work well with younger children; so I appreciate that this piece can be incorporated without worrying about my kiddos staining it! (Which is why I DON’T have a light-colored rug or sofa!)

living room with birth poster

The concept behind these posters is to create an image of your precious newborn in a 1:1 ratio. When ordering, you simply enter you child’s name (I did her first name and middle name,) birth-date, height, and weight to customize the poster. The illustration is then made in proportion to those measurements, and the personalization is added to the bottom of the image. There are 6 different illustrations to choose from which allows you to have a similar but varied poster of each child.

So what are my thoughts on our poster?

If you didn’t already notice, I like our poster so much! It is a lovely focal point to our living room, and as I mentioned earlier, the simplicity and “modern” style that it brings to the room is so fun. Because we love this birth poster of our daughter, we want to get one for my son’s first birthday! These are fantastic gifts that are unique and will be treasured forever! I highly recommend this as a gift for any new mom.

child playing with birth poster

I don’t have a coupon code for you today, but keep your eyes peeled for any discounts that may happen this holiday weekend. That’s when we will hopefully grab our second poster! Also, be sure to give The Birth Poster a follow to hear about news and updates! ♥

The Birth Poster




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And happy, happy Thanksgiving to every one of you. I am thankful for you. ♥


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