Natural Dye Safety -14 Safety Guidelines for Natural Dyers

Are you a natural dyer or aspiring natural dyer? If so, you need to be following proper safety protocols. While “natural” often conveys a feeling of safety, the two are not interchangeable terms. Even though natural dyeing avoids many harsh chemicals involved in the synthetic dye process, it is not without risk. Take the time to research natural dye safety and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your workspace from unnecessary harm. Here are 14 safety guidelines for natural dyers to start with…

  1. Always wear a mask and possibly eye protection when working with fine powders.¹ 
  2. Do not add water to powders; always add powder to water.¹ 
  3. Wear gloves when working with metal salt mordants or other caustic substances (looking at you, soda ash!)¹ 
  4. Work in a well ventilated work space.²
  5. Use dedicated dye tools and never reuse them for cooking/food purposes.¹ 
  6. Keep all of your materials FAR out of the reach of children and pets!¹ 
  7. Do not inhale fumes or vapors.
  8. Clearly label all dyes, mordants, etc.¹ 
  9. Do not eat or drink or smoke in your dye space.²
  10. Protect yourself from burns from heat sources, hot liquids, and/or chemicals.
  11. Educate yourself on appropriate, preparation, use, and disposal of all mordant and dye solutions.
  12. Find a reputable educator/books that will teach natural dye safety and proper dye techniques.
  13. Contact appropriate medical personal immediately for any accidents/injuries.² Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222.

In summary, learn and implement natural dye safety and stay safe out there! ✌🏼🤍

Read more about my natural dyes here!

Natural Dye Safety Guidelines Sources:

¹ The Maiwa Guide to Natural Dyes*

² Wild Colours – Safety Guidelines

Natural Dye Safety -14 Safety Guidelines for Natural Dyers

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