24 Simple and Creative Holiday Activities to Spark Creativity

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This Christmas season, it has been my absolute pleasure to host the Creativity Advent – a countdown of creative activities throughout the month of December until Christmas Day. What a joy it has been to add a bit of creative space to our daily flow. I have heard from so many of you that it has been something that you enjoyed immensely too. What a privilege it has been to do it with you!

Of course, it is nearly Christmas now, but there are still a few days left (plus all of Christmastide if you celebrate those 12 days!) to pick a few creative activities to do. I believe that each of us were created to be creative – that creativity is innately woven into the fiber of our beings. Sometimes it might not feel that way, but I truly believe that our creativity its unlocked when we learn to play and imagine again.

One of the things I enjoy the most is when I get to encourage someone to try something new in the creative realm. You never know what might spark a new flame of passion! I hope that sharing these creative holiday activities stretches out your creative muscle in such a way that you continue it into the new year.

All that said, this list of creative activities is not meant to be another task to check off a list. It is not meant to cause guilt trips. It is not meant to break the bank. If it does anything besides inspire, refresh, and fulfill you, please feel free to skip an activity or stop it altogether. Each of us must learn to guard our peace.

This blog post is meant to be a jumping off point… come here to look at these lists of ideas and pick what you want to do that brings you joy! Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you share about your activities!

PS – If you want the pdf Creativity Advent Calendar to save for future reference, you can sign up for it here!

Creative Holiday Ideas

Make hot cocoa and use cookie cutters to cut out frozen whipped cream shapes.

Dry and make orange slice ornaments.

Cut brown paper bag snowflakes to display around your home.

Use watercolors to paint a holiday card for a stranger.

Prep and freeze OR dry stovetop potpourri to use throughout the season.

Take a photo by the Christmas tree. Try to capture a twinkle light bokeh.

Make homemade marshmallows to use in hot chocolate or peppermint mochas all month.

Make bird seed ornaments to hang on a tree outside or simply fill a bird-feeder for our feathered friends.

Make peppermint mochas (or peppermint hot chocolate) with your homemade marshmallows.

Watch a Christmas movie with friends and/or family.

Make a popcorn and cranberry garland to hang in your home or on the tree.

Journal by candlelight with a warm drink.

Decorate a gingerbread house OR cutout cookies!

Create holiday wax scent sachets to attach to gifts or use as favors.

Make fir tree bouquets using sprigs from your local Christmas tree lot.

Make a rosemary hydrosol to use for skin and hair care or to give as gifts this holiday season.

Fold origami stars and use to decorate gifts or the Christmas tree.

Sing Christmas carols next to the Christmas tree with friends and/or family.

Create a eucalyptus wreath that will last into the new year.

Make a yarn tassel tree decoration. (PS – If you use real wool yarn, you can even dye it with black tea!)

Carve potato stamps and use them to decorate brown craft paper for gift wrapping.

Use brown craft paper to wrap any gifts and tie with left over twine.

Bake your favorite cookies to deliver to your neighbors, friends, and/or family.

Write your favorite memories from the season and put in your stocking to read next year.

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