Kid Friendly Pressed Flower Crafts: 10 Ways to Preserve Spring Blooms

Kid Friendly Pressed Flower Crafts: 10 Ways to Preserve Spring Blooms

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It’s spring and that means there are flowers and blooms all around us as the earth springs to life. Here are 10 kid friendly pressed flower crafts you can easily make at home! Pressing flowers is an easy and fun way to preserve the colors and beauty of flowers for longer than their natural life allows! Use a heavy book or a dedicated flower press to collect and save flowers and leaves with your kids, then come back and reference this post to find a variety of crafts you can make with the pressed flowers!

How To Press Flowers

First things first – in order to make these projects with real flowers, we first have to press the flowers. You can use any heavy book to apply pressure to the blooms or you can use a flower press! I’m a huge fan of the latter. I use an heirloom wooden press I used to carry in my shop, but I’ve even found that the microwavable ones off of Amazon work too!

Prepare the Press

You want the press (or thick, heavy book) to have weight and/or pressure on the flowers. Be sure that your press/book of choice provides that! You also want to have a semi absorbent layer sandwiching the blooms to absorb any moisture. In the past, I have used paper towels, however they will leave indentations from their pattern on the pressed petals. For this reason, I now use card-stock, layered with cardboard (which usually comes with a wooden flower press.)

Prepare the Flowers

If you have a relatively flat bloom, you may press it in-tact, as is. However if it is a substantial or thick flower, you will need to disassemble its parts before pressing. Do this step gently and carefully. Once prepared, you can place the flower and/or its parts between the layers of your press.

The thickness of the flower’s parts will determine how long it will take to dry within the press. After a few days, gently peek between the layers to assess the drying process. If for some reason your layers are damp, replace them with fresh ones. Once the flower is completely dry, you can proceed to whichever project you like below! Handle them gently! Dried blooms are very fragile!

Keep reading for 10 kid friendly ways to use your pressed flowers!

1. Pressed Flower Vinyl Stickers

How To: Make Vinyl Stickers Using Pressed Flowers

2. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Pressed Flower Bookmarks - Great Kid Craft

3. Pressed Flower Candles

Kid Friendly Pressed Flower Candles

4. Pressed Flower Vases

Pressed Flower Bud Vases - Kid Friendly Craft

5. Pressed Flower Cards

DIY Pressed Flower Cards - Kid Craft

6. Pressed Flower Butterfly Wings

Kid Friendly Pressed Flower Butterfly Wings

7. Pressed Flower Mobile

Pressed Flower Mobile

8. Pressed Flower Frames

How to Frame Pressed Flowers

9. Pressed Flower Pretend Cookies

DIY Cardboard Pansy Pretend Play Cookies - Kid Friendly Craft

10. Pressed Flower Lanterns

How to Make Magical Pressed Flower Lanterns - Kid Friendly Craft

Well Friends,

I hope that these creative ideas have inspired you to make something with your hands this month. If you want to find more inspo, follow me on Pinterest (I’ve been obsessed with pinning things lately!) and then join my group board Cultivating Creativity to share some of your ideas!

Happy Spring!

xo Alex

Kid Friendly Pressed Flower Crafts: 10 Ways to Preserve Spring Blooms

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