Have you ever wanted to use naturally-dyed fabric for a small collection in your shop? I’m a huge fan of collaborating with and championing on other small shops and brands! Thank you for your interest in my naturally-dyed fabrics. This info page (see below) will help you to better understand your choices and my pricing tiers. I hope very much to find an arrangement that is suitable for us to work together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or requests. -Alex

Custom fabrics FOR BRAND USE (wholesale)

Minimum yardage for an order: 3yd (exceptions for naturally dyed pieces that are not yardage – clothing, felt sheets, etc. This pricing will be determined via email.)

$20/yd + cost of fabric for the first 5yds. | $15/yd + cost of fabric for any yardage > 5yd.

  • Due to the size of my dye containers, I cannot dye more than 3yd of fabric in one dye batch. Therefore, the yardage will be divided into 3yd sections. Please account for these cuts as you are planning for the final product. Similarly, dye colors may vary slightly from batch to batch. (1 batch = 3yd or less.)
  • Colors and patterns will be discussed via email. There are limitations to what can be achieved with natural dyes, and variations, imperfections, and “surprises” are to be expected. Some fading will occur over time as the final piece is exposed to light and washing, but I do everything in my power to minimize these changes. Please see the photos on this page for naturally dyed fabric ideas!
  • A brand may send their own yardage to be dyed as long as it is white or ecru in color and a natural fiber (cotton, linen, rayon, etc.) This deducts the cost of fabric from the quote above.

Current Fabric Pricing (updated: JULY 2022)

  • Linen: $15/yd
  • Cotton Muslin: $3/yd
  • Cotton Flannel: $7/yd
  • Others: TBD

Care Instructions for Naturally Dyed Fabric:

  • May machine wash on gentle with a free + clear, neutral detergent. (I properly rinse, wash and dry these fabrics to remove all excess dye; however, please wash alone or with like colors to account for potential bleeding.)
  • May tumble dry on low heat setting or line dry.
  • May iron with low heat.
  • Limiting direct sunlight and minimizing washing will help to protect the natural dyes from fading and/or discoloration

* The fibers may also have been exposed to soy, wheat bran, and/or iron in the dye process.

If you think this might be a good fit, please fill out the form below and we will discuss more via email! I can’t wait to connect with you!

Custom fabrics FOR PERSONAL USE

$30/yd + cost of fabric (10% discount if > 5yds.)

Natural Dyes

My products are lovingly crafted by hand using natural fibers and reputable natural dyes. The dye process uses naturally-occurring materials to create safe colors. The ingredients used for these pieces vary and are derived from plants, bark, roots, insects, etc. These dyes have been around for centuries and were once the only way that textiles could be colored before the advent of synthetic dyes. I welcome any questions regarding my dyes! 

Naturally dyed products have a unique beauty that can never be captured by modern dye methods. Hours, days and even weeks-worth of work go into every piece. Natural dye produces a “living color.“ Because of its organic nature, every piece is constantly adapting and evolving throughout its lifecycle. No two are ever alike and no piece will likely maintain its color forever. While color-fastness is sought after throughout the dying process, the lifetime of each piece will be determined by its use (number of washes, exposure to direct light, etc.). Some see these traits as a weakness of sorts, but in actuality, this is the beauty of natural dye! It truly is alive and is meant to be enjoyed for as long as it’s lifecycle lasts.

* Please note that these products are made from a variety of dyed materials meaning that the colors will vary – some more than others!

** The fibers may also have been exposed to soy, wheat bran, and/or iron in the dye process but the final products are safe! This includes the dyes and processes that I use!

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