About Borrowing Color

My name is Alex. I am the heart and soul behind this brand.

I BELIEVE THAT EACH OF US HAS AN INNER DRIVE TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. Recognizing this truth many years ago inspired me to pursue my own creative impulses and to encourage creativity in others. 

I began this shop in 2017 and quickly opted to use up-cycled materials for doll-making. In 2018, that eco-friendly mentality evolved to include naturally-dyed fabrics. Today I use 100% naturally-dyed textiles in my craft, whenever it is possible. My open-ended-playthings are lovingly crafted by hand using these natural fabrics and reputable natural dyes.
The dye process uses naturally-occurring materials to create safe colors. The ingredients used for these pieces vary and are derived from plants, bark, roots, insects, etc. These dyes have been around for centuries and were the only way that textiles could be colored before the advent of synthetic dyes. I welcome any questions regarding my dyes!*

In addition to being naturally-inspired and colored, my products measure up to the small shop CPSC standards for safety.** They are fantastic sensory items for children due to their soft nature, naturally-obtained components, and the organic, dried lavender that is added to their stuffing.

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– Alex
Borrowing Color, LLC

*Please read my Natural Dye Disclaimer under “Shipping and Policies”
**Please review the age appropriate guidelines under “Shipping and Policies”