About Borrowing Color

Hi! I’m Alex!

I am the creator and maker behind Borrowing Color, LLC – a space that is dedicated to sourcing nature’s colors to make naturally dyed playthings and accessories that celebrate the imagination of little souls and the feminine beauty of women.

I am a mama to 4 , an avid coffee drinker, and a very amateur gardener. I live in Florida and we spend much of our family time doing water-based activities.  I’ve been in the small shop community since 2017 and have been experimenting with naturally dyes since 2018. It is my favorite creative expression!!


Recognizing this truth many years ago inspired me to pursue my own creative impulses and to encourage creativity in others. And out of this truth, I have embraced a calling to encourage others to cultivate creativity in their daily lives.

The Shop

I began this online shop in 2017. It is known for my naturally-dyed, lavender-filled plush playthings for children and similarly dyed women’s accessories. It brings me the greatest joy to see my work “in the wild”! In addition to my dyed products, I offer limited batches of naturally dyed fabrics for other makers to use for personal or shop-related projects! Recently, I have also begun carrying natural and eco-friendly products that I have sourced from other makers and small shops .

Cultivating Creativity

In my own life, I have experienced the incredible benefits of pursuing creativity. It is a passion of mine to awaken this in others! In 2022, I am releasing a quarterly pdf publication called “Cultivating Creativity” that is meant to take you by the hand as you explore different creative projects. In it, we explore nature’s colors, sewing patterns, aromatherapy, and more!

For the natural dyers (or those who aspire to be dyers,) I’ve also published, printed, and now sell a simple natural dye journal that fosters note keeping and experimenting with dyes. I’ve been so encouraged by the response I have received upon releasing these journals! Note-taking is essential to a dyer!

And for the creative who wants to “do the things” but not “gather the supplies,” I now to offer DIY kits for various projects – all featuring my unique naturally dyed fabrics! Some of these kits come with specific patterns to follow and others are an assortment of naturally dyed odds-and-ends to inspire creative projects at home.

Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are taken from nature and at the end of their life cycle, they will return to the earth. They truly are “borrowed” from nature!

My products are made from natural fabrics that have been lovingly dyed with reputable natural dyes. The dye process uses naturally-occurring materials to create safe colors. The ingredients used for these pieces vary and are derived from plants, bark, roots, insects, etc. These dyes have been around for centuries and were once the only way that textiles could be colored before the advent of synthetic dyes. I welcome any questions regarding my dyes!*

Children’s Line

Borrowing Color Plush Playthings are made with imaginative play in mind! They are for ages 3+, have moveable joints, and are perfect for snuggles! In the past I’ve made rabbits, dragons, unicorns, llamas, lions, and dinosaurs! I have so many new ideas for this year too!

Occasionally, I have limited batches of Borrowing Color Animal Blankets! They are meant to be a snuggly companion for children while also being an heirloom piece that will be saved for years to come. Lastly, I also offer a baby-friendly plush bunny made from a soft cotton/linen blend and embroidered by hand.

I will always announce all new releases on Instagram but the best way to not miss out is by joining my waitlist!

In addition to being naturally-inspired and colored, my children’s products also measure up to the small shop CPSC standards for safety.** They are fantastic sensory items for children due to their soft nature, naturally-obtained components, and the organic, dried lavender that is added to their stuffing.

Women’s Line – Behold

Behold is Borrowing Color’s women’s line. These accessories derive their colors from nature and are meant to celebrate the unique feminine beauty of women. The name is inspired by 2 Corinthians 5:17:

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold , all things have become new.”

I desire to make Behold an encouraging space for women. Just as natural dyes take something old and breathe new life into them, Christ too has offered us the gift of new and eternal life. This truth is one that I rejoice in and long to celebrate with you too!

What can you expect from Behold? Behold by Borrowing Color will be an ecclectic collection of naturally-dyed women’s accessories. Most (if not all) pieces will be one-of-a-kind. You can expect to see naturally-dyed jewelry, hats, scarves, socks, neckerchiefs, pillowcases, lavender eye pillows, etc. And I am always dreaming of other new products to add!

Other Things

Occasionally, I am able to carry products from other small shops and makers that embody the principles of my own shop – eco-friendly, natural, organic, creativity-inspiring. You can find them here!

Let’s Keep in Touch!

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– Alex
Borrowing Color, LLC

*Please read my Natural Dye Information Page.
**Please review the Safety Disclaimer.