*As Is – Uneven, Streaky Dye* Naturally-Dyed Knit Cotton Velour – Scraps (12×18″) – Green


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Naturally Dyed Fabric

*IRON WAS USED IN THE DYEING OF THIS FABRIC. Do not allow children to put this fabric in their mouth.

– Fabric Type: 100% Cotton Velour

– Primary color: Green with dark spots and streaks *AS IS – This is an uneven dye job with “patchy ” areas of more and less dye

– Dimensions (Pre-shrunk): 12×18″

Whether you are a novice crafter or an experienced shop owner – these fabrics will bring joy and uniqueness to any project! (These will be ready-to-ship and the turn around time will be 3-5 business days.)

Care Instructions for Naturally Dyed Fabric:

  • May machine wash on gentle with a free + clear, neutral detergent. (I properly rinse, wash and dry these fabrics to remove all excess dye; however, please wash alone or with like colors to account for potential bleeding.)
  • May tumble dry on low heat setting or line dry.
  • May iron with low heat.
  • Limiting direct sunlight and minimizing washing will help to protect the natural dyes from fading and/or discoloration

I currently do not accept custom dye requests; however, I am happy to hear suggestions for dye jobs you would like see or fabrics you would like me to use! (Please note that I can only dye natural fibers – linen, cotton, rayon, wool, silk, etc.) Please share your suggestions with me here!

“These fabrics are hand-dyed with love and care by me – a young mama of three. Every one of these naturally-dyed pieces has it’s own unique qualities that makes it special – just like the person who loves it! I hope that this is the perfect fabric for your creative project!” – Alex, Borrowing Color, LLC

Natural Dye Disclaimer

Naturally dyed products have a unique beauty that can never be captured by modern dye methods. Hours, days and even weeks-worth of work go into every piece. Natural dye produces a “living color.“ Because of its organic nature, every piece is constantly adapting and evolving throughout its lifecycle. No two are ever alike and no piece will likely maintain its color forever. While color-fastness is sought after throughout the dying process, the lifetime of each piece will be determined by its use (number of washes, exposure to direct light, etc.). Some see these traits as a weakness of sorts, but in actuality, this is the beauty of natural dye! It truly is alive and is meant to be enjoyed for as long as it’s lifecycle lasts.

Read more here.

* Please see further disclaimers under Shipping & Shop Policies, Natural Dyes & Care Instructions, Safety and Disclaimers & Privacy Policies.

This order includes a 3-5 day turnaround time in addition to the standard USPS shipping times.

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