Naturally-Dyed Silk Pillowcases – Dawn (pink)


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Naturally-Dyed Silk Pillowcase – Dawn (pink)

Naturally-Dyed Silk Pillowcase – Dawn (pink) / Please note that the color will vary slightly from the pillowcases in these photos

– Naturally dyed silk pillowcase (standard size)
– Hidden zipper
– Ready to ship in 1 week
– Hand-washing with ph-neutral, free and clear detergent is recommended (this pillowcase may wash on a gentle cycle in a washing machine with ph-neutral, free and clear detergent but I recommend hand-washing to ensure that the silk fibers are not damaged) Some bleeding may occur in the first wash or two; please plan accordingly
– Line-dry/air-dry
– Not for suitable for children. Not suitable for teething infants.
– May contain natural dyes, lavender, soy, wheat, and/or flax seeds
– Natural dye variations are considered normal, item will vary from photo above

Accessory Materials:

– Naturally Dyed Silk Pillowcase
– Zipper

“This accessory is hand-dyed with love and care by me – a young mama of three. Every one of these handmade pieces has it’s own unique qualities that makes it special – just like the person who loves it!” – Alex, Borrowing Color, LLC

* Please see further disclaimers under Safety and Shipping & Shop Policies/Disclaimers and Natural Dyes + Care Instructions.

This order includes a 1 week turnaround time in addition to the standard USPS shipping times.

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