Safety disclaimer

CPSC Certified Products according to the small shops requirements.

Most of my products are NOT for children who will put toys in their mouths!

Safety is SO important to me (as a pediatric nurse, mother, and shop owner!) and I don’t take it lightly. This means that every material I use and every design that I produce has to meet high measures of safety. This includes everything – the fabrics, stuffings, embellishments, fabric treatments, dyes, etc. Each one had to be separately approved for the whole product to be approved. 

I also label each of my products with unique recommended ages. So what do you do if you want to buy one for a younger child? Consider using it for supervised photo ops, nursery decor, or set it aside as a special heirloom piece until your child is old enough to safely use it. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that, no soft toys, pillows, or loose bedding should be used in any safe sleep practice. These can pose a suffocation risk if left unsupervised. Please be advised that none of my products should be used without parental supervision as the materials used could pose choking, suffocation, or strangulation hazards. Please do not leave any item with an unattended child. Do not allow children to have these products while sleeping or while riding in a car seat. Please also keep these products away from any heat sources or open flames. Alex and Borrowing Color, LLC are not responsible for any injuries associated with the misuse of these products once sold. Thank you!

Each piece is handmade in St. Petersburg, FL in the United States. These products are made from materials that are acceptable under the US Product Safety Compliance regulations.  I vigorously check each item before it is shipped, but I also recommend that you also exam your plaything before giving it to your child and regularly check it for any flaws that would pose as a safety risk. If there are any problems please email me immediately at 

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