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Sourcing nature’s colors to make naturally dyed playthings and accessories that celebrate the imagination of little souls and the feminine beauty of women.

Naturally-Dyed • Lavender-Filled • Eco-Friendly

Why Natural Dyes?

The natural dye process uses naturally-occurring materials to create safe colors. The ingredients used for these pieces vary and are derived from plants, bark, roots, insects, etc.

These dyes have been around for centuries and were the only way that textiles could be colored before the advent of synthetic dyes.

Read more about these dyes on my About Natural Dyes page!

Borrowing Color Plush Playthings

Home of the ORIGINAL naturally-dyed, lavender-filled, and eco-friendly plush playthings! These plush toys are made for imaginative play, aromatherapy comfort, and friendly snuggles.

Inspired by my own children’s love of animals and my passion for curating a collection of heirloom and open-ended toys, these naturally dyed plush playthings are a labor of love!

These toys are released in very limited batches every 4-6 weeks. Join the wait list to get insider access details and discount codes including free shipping on all orders!

Behold by Borrowing Color

The Women’s Line

Behold’s naturally-dyed women’s accessories exists as a celebration for all that women were meant to be. We are soft and firm; gentle and determined.

But most importantly we are redeemed by Christ. Behold! We are made new by Him. (2 Cor 5:17)

Naturally Dyed Fabrics

For the first time ever, I am listing my naturally-dyed fabrics for others! Whether you are a novice crafter or an experienced shop owner – these fabrics will bring joy and uniqueness to any project! (These will be ready-to-ship and the turn around time will be 3-5 business days.)

Get my NEW Simple Plush Bunny Sewing Pattern Now!

I’ve decided to share my original bunny pattern with you! Now you can easily sew your own aromatherapy bunny at home for the best snuggles. (Yes! that’s right, this bunny has lavender inside!) Everything you need to know is in the pattern and tutorial!

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