Small Shop Series – The Creation Story By Small Beginnings Books

Hi Friends!

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Okay, who has already begun decorating for Christmas? Normally my house would be festively adorned, but I think I will wait until after my son’s first birthday party this weekend. (I cannot believe he will be one this month! *cue the tears*)

And did anyone go Black Friday/Shop Small Saturday/Cyber Monday shopping?

I did.


I spent more than I would like to, but I also saved a lot. So it all evens out in the end, right?

For those of you who haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you are in the right place! ↓

This Shop Small Series was created to help you (and me!) easily cross off our Christmas shopping list. Over the next few weeks, these weekly posts will review several hand-picked small businesses that I recommend for holiday gifts. It’s really a perfect combo to find Christmas gifts AND support small businesses (and therefore other families!)

Also, on December 1st, I will publish a final post that will double as a Small Shop Gift Guide for YOU! In this guide, I will list the small shops that I have worked with and feel that I can support 100%. I know that I am not the only one who loves to “shop small,” but often ends up frustrated when sifting through all of the choices on Etsy!

This Shop Small Series is all about supporting small businesses this holiday season (or really, anytime during the year)! Small Beginnings Books has published The Creation Story - their first board book for young children! I am so excited to share this review of their amazing work! #shopsmall #smallbusiness #childrensBible #holidaygifts

This post is one of a small number of hand-selected sponsored posts. I hope you can believe me when I say that I will only ever suggest products or companies that I believe in 100%! In fact, in order to stay as authentic as possible, I have (and will continue) to filter offers based off of their relevance to me (AND you!) Occasionally, I may receive a free item in exchange for a honest review. Every option is mine and is not influenced by the company or free product. (Read more here.)

Today, I am thrilled to share about Small Beginnings Books – a small company with the goal “to plant seeds of faith in the youngest of hearts.” Their first book, The Creation Story, is an adaptation of Genesis 1 for the ages of 0-4. It is written in an accurate and simplified way for young ones with wonderful illustrations!

When Whitney first reached out to me about sampling her new board book, I was so honored and humbled. She genuinely loves the Lord and desires to glorify Him in all that she does. She actually told me, “If you like [my book] and post about it, wonderful! And if not, as long as it gets to a baby, [that] is all I really want.” How much more genuine could she be?

The story behind her books go back to when Whitney’s first child was born. She was so excited to share age-appropriate Bible stories with her son, only to realize that he was uninterested in and unable to focus on the highly illustrated baby Bibles on the market. She later learned that this is because young infants cannot see in color and are able to interact better with black and white patterns. Small Beginnings Books was birthed to fill the need for black and white Bible stories for infants and young children.

Her first book is the story of creation with adorable and simple black and white illustrations to accompany an age-appropriate re-telling of this story. She plans to continue this series with other Bible stories in the future.

So what are my thoughts on our board book?

After reviewing this book, I am absolutely a believer! I hope that there will be many more books to follow so that we can expand our collection! My son is almost a year, and he cannot get enough of this book! He squeals excitedly as we turn every page. My daughter who is 2.5 years old, loves to point at each picture and tell us what it is. It is almost as if she is able to narrate the book at her young age.

I also love the way that Whitney has simplified the Biblical account without embellishing it or leaving out parts. This is a tricky balance, but it is a very important component to me!

I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to share Bible stories with young children! (It would be a fantastic stocking stuffer!) Be sure to give her a follow to hear about news, updates, and/or more releases!

Small Beginnings Books




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